Keencut Javelin Series

The Keencut Javelin-Series range of precision wide-format cutter bars is designed to exceed the most demanding standards of accuracy.

The unique design of the Javelin-Series allows Keencut technicians to factory adjust for straightness, using laser technology, to within 0.2mm over the 3.1 metre length of the cutter bar (1:15000). The accuracy of the Javelin-Series makes it ideal for cutting banner materials, pop-ups and other display materials that require precise and accurate cutting for perfect alignment.

  • High-grade polymer bearing system for lasting accuracy
  • 5 year comprehensive warranty
  • 100% Manufactured in the UK
Keencut Steeltrak

Building on the huge success of the all-purpose Keencut Excalibur, and recognising the increasing demands of thicker, tougher sign materials, the design brief was simple for the Keencut Steeltrak.

  • Integral counterbalance - total convenience - no shock - less fatigue - easy loading
  • Full length extra grip clamping system
  • Extruded back beams - firm support for large & small sheets
  • Hinge-out slide track for access and maintenance
Keencut Excalibur Cutter

The Keencut Excalibur is a unique cutting machine featuring two cutting heads combining to provide four cutting tools mounted for instant selection. Glide cutting action, prevents damage when loading sheet materials, minimises operator fatigue and increases production.

  • Fitted couterbalance; less fatigue, accidents and easy loading of materials
  • Twin-Wheel cutting head for a single cut through MDF
  • 5 year comprehensive warranty
  • 100% Manufactured in the UK
Keencut Cutter Bars

Keencut’s extensive range of cutter bars offer a standard of straight, square and clean cutting that is impossible to achieve with a craft knife and straight edge Sabre-Series 2 offers the same exact cutting capabilities as the Keencut Simplex and is constructed on an anodised aluminium baseboard.