Trimfast Cutting Systems

These systems comprise of a number of interacting products which together offer a high degree of performance and accuracy. The Trimfast Board Cutting Systems slice cleanly through a whole range of materials from encapsulation film to rigid PVC, card & pressure sensitive laminate.

  • Cutting Versatility - The cutting head, which is common to all Trimfast board cutter rails, includes a magnetic blade magazine which accepts standard utility blades and standard scoring blades.
  • Interacting Products - There are numerous interacting products that work along with the cutting systems making them even more effortless to use.
  • Large Format Cutting Systems - The Trimfast Board Cutters easily cut through Encapsulation Film, Pressure Sensitive Laminate, Foam Centred Boards, Rigid PVC, Pop-up Material or StaufenCard
Trimfast General Purpose Cutter

Designed to be easy to use and made to last. The Trimfast General Purpose Cutter is designed to be easy to use and made to last. With its strong and stable base, its ideal for any workplace.

  • Strong & stable design
  • Hinge and lift, allowing larger materials to be cut
  • Available in 6 sizes
Trimfast Safety Straight Edge

A very simple device that gives a professional finish.

  • A Sturdy Straight Edge Device
  • Unique design with added safety
  • Silicon inserts to protect surfaces
  • Available in 6 sizes