Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning Kits

Mimaki JV33, CJV & JV5 Cleaning Kits. - (Solution, gloves, cotton buds & syringe) - SPC-0369

CP Pads

(10 Pack) Sponge pad in capping station Mimaki JV33 & CJV - SPA-0161

Eco-Pro Flush

These Eco Pro Flush bottles cartridges are for use with Roland & Mutoh printers.

Flush Cartridges

Mimaki JV33, CJV & JV5 Flush cartridges. (220cc) - SPC-0294

Multi-Brand Foam Buds

Mimaki JV33, CJV, JV5, Roland & Mutoh Foam Buds. - 100 x Pack

Wiper Blades

Wiper Blades - 10 Pack - Mimaki JV33 & CJV - SPA-0134

Waste bottle

Waste Bottle 2 Litre suitable for all brands - SPA-0117

Lint Free Cloths

Lint Free Cloths - soft and fibre less, high absorbency.

Maintenance Packs

1 x ltr flush,1x Pipette,1x Syringe,1x 50 Foam Buds - serge mist filters and a set of wipers.