Graphtec CE6000 Vinyl Cutter Series

Family of four models in three sizes to match all requirements.

  • Family of four models in three sizes to match all requirements
  • New ARMS 5.0 for improved Print & Cut
  • Increased cutting force 4.41 N (450 gf)*
  • Rugged design with new features for reliable long-length tracking
Graphtec FC8600 Vinyl Cutter Series

Five sizes to match all requirements.

  • Maximum cutting area of 610mm (24”) Speed of upto 1485mm per second.
  • Max. Accerleration of unto 4G.
  • Cutting force of unto 600g.
  • 15 metres guaranteed tracking with new media basket .
Mimaki CG-FXII Vinyl Cutter Series

Available in 75cm, 130cm or 160cm models. 75cm to 160cm wide, high specification cutters, featuring optical eye, free FineCut software, stand, roll holders and USB interface.

  • 75cm, 130cm and 160cm wide options
  • High speed / high accuracy cutter plotters
  • Photo electric eye for 4 point register mark detection
  • Up to 100cm cut speed
Mimaki CG-SRIII Vinyl Cutter Series

3 different cutting widths available (606/1070/1370 mm).

  • Wider Roll cutting format for professional use.
  • Stunning value & highly competitive performance.
  • 3 different cutting widths available (606/1070/1370 mm).
  • Higher curve-cutting speed, faster production of complicated cutting tasks.
Summa S Class T Vinyl Cutter Series with OPOS CAM

Summa S Class T Series with OPOS CAM, Summa’s fourth generation contour cutting device, is now greatly enhanced to increase workflow productivity when contour cutting printed graphics, signs, labels, vehicle wraps and more.

Summa S Class T Vinyl Cutter Series
Featuring computer controlled blade rotation and up to 600 grams of cutting force, Summa’s T Series combines the precision of a flatbed cutter with the ease and speed of a roll-fed cutter by using our legendary True Tangential cutting head. The T Series simply cuts with more force and accuracy than any cutter in its class.
  • Genuine tangential vinyl & contour cutters that offer unmatched cut quality.
Summa S Class D Vinyl Cutter Series
Designed specifically for high-volume cutting environments, Summa’s D Series unites power and precision with an efficient and affordable high-speed drag knife cutting head. The D Series is a do-it-all dynamo with the resilience to perform day in and day out.
Summacut R Vinyl Cutter Series

The ultra-affordable Summacut R Series puts Summa quality within easy reach, while being equipped with integrated media rollers for increased accuracy on long jobs and straight vinyl loading that’s a snap.

  • Based on our world class SummaSign Pro technology, SummaCut vinyl cutters offer tracking accuracy, speed and features not found in other affordably-priced cutters.
Graphtec Digital Die Cutter

Automated Contour & Die cutting without operator on to a wide range of printed media. The new Graphtec CE6000/40 with iMark allows contour and die cutting cutting without operator on adhesive sheets and digital prints on cardboard, silk-screen prints and print shop materials.