Filmolux Performance GLOSS - 54in

Filmolux Performance Gloss - 54in
Filmolux Performance GLOSS - 54in

1372mm x 50m - 80mic

A one sided permanent self adhesive polymer plastizied transparant glossy PVC film coated with a solvent free age resistant and permanently elastic acrylate adhesive. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use this universal protective film is specialy suited for vehicle advertising.

SKU: 6030937 Brand: Laminates Download: Filmolux Performance Gloss Spec Sheet
Application: Retail & Signage/Outdoor
Width / Size / Capacity: 54in/1372mm
Ink Compatibility: Cold Lamination Film
Machine Compatibility: Cold Laminator
Packaging Dimensions: 1090mm x 150mm x 150mm
Weight: 29.1 kilos

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