Mutoh Eco-Ultra Inks

Mutoh Eco-Ultra Inks
Mutoh Eco-Ultra Inks

Mutoh’s third generation Eco-solvent ultra inks, these inks offer a number of unique & pioneering features.

  • Formulated for exceptional durability
  • Features unbeatable scratch resistance
  • More efficient that ever, providing rich ink density for bright vivid prints
  • Quick drying time
  • No-odor or fumes
  • More aggressive adhesion
Brand: Mutoh

At a cost of more than 20% below the second generation Eco-solent Plus inks, Eco-solvent ultra inks offer the same benefits as Eco-solvent plus inks, yet adding several enhancements, such as a higher colour gamut, faster drying time, improved ink fixation, improved chemical resistance, a wider media compatibility and last but not least print speed.

Mutoh Eco-solvent ultra inks are solvent-based inks, however they are not spreading any harmful VOCs in the working environment and are therefore true environmentally friendly light solvent ink.Tests with Mutoh’s Eco-solvent Ultra ink have indicated an outdoor durability of up to 3 years, without lamination.

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