Solvoprint PP Nolite 210 - 42in

Solvoprint PP Nolite 210 - 42in
Solvoprint PP Nolite 210 - 42in

1067mm x 30m - 210mic

A 210 micron environmentally friendly PVC free matte film with good scratch resistance. Its flat properties with almost no side curl and silver back makes it the ideal choice for pull up banners and four screeen display systems. Developed specifically for Latex eco solvent and full solvent ink technologies.

SKU: 6031853 Brand: Roll-Up Film Download: Solvoprint PP Nolite 210 Spec Sheet
Application: Outdoor/Retail & Signage
Width / Size / Capacity: 42in/1067mm
Ink Compatibility: Eco Solvent Ink, Latex ink, Ultrachrome GS ink, Ultrachrome GS2 ink, SS21 Solvent ink, ES3 Eco-solvent ink, HS solvent ink, Eco-HS1 solvent ink, Latex 100 ink, SU100 Solvent UV ink, ES3 Solvent ink, Eco-Sol MAX ink, EcoXtreme I Ink, EcoXtreme LT Ink, EcoSol MAX 2 Ink, CS100 Solvent Ink, SU100 Solvent Ink, UltraChrome GSX Ink, UltraChrome GS2 Ink, Full Solvent Ink
Machine Compatibility: Designjet L25500, Designjet L26500, Designjet L28500, Stylus Pro GS6000, SureColor SC-S30600, SureColor SC-S70600, SureColor SC-S50600, Latex 1500, Latex 260, Latex 280, Latex 3000, Latex 310, Latex 3100, Latex 315, Latex 330, Latex 335, Latex 3500, Latex 360, Latex 365, Latex 370, Latex 560, Latex 570, Scitex LX820, Scitex LX850, JV33 Series, JV34-260, CJV30 Series, JV5 Series, JV400LX Series, JV400SUV Series, TX3-1600, TS5-1600AMF, TPC-1000, SWJ-230S2, SWJ-230S4, JV400-130, JV400-160SUV, VersaArt RS-640, Soljet Pro III XJ - 740/640, AdvancedJet AJ-1000i/740i, VersaCAMM SP-300i/540i, VersaCAMM VS Series, SolJet Pro III XC-540, SolJet Pro III XC-540MT, Soljet Pro 4 XF-640, Soljet Pro 4 XR-640
Packaging Dimensions: 1080mm x 150mm x 150mm
Weight: 20.4 kilos

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