Summa F Flatbed Cutter Series

Summa F Series
Summa F Series
Summa F Series
Summa F Flatbed Cutter Series

One machine, countless possibilities. Introducing the most versatile flatbed cutting system ever.

  • The F series base unit comes equipped with a drag module and Summa’s revolutionary optical camera marker recognition system for accurate contour cutting of printed flexible or rigid substrate materials.
  • Multiple material handling options ensure optimal workflow for roll, sheet and board material.
  • Pneumatically driven media advance clamps hold the material down while pulling it forward in order to work continuously in panels or multiple jobs.
  • The roll support with media flanges keeps the media aligned for correct loading.
  • Thanks to the conveyor system, material is also fed while cutting through.

With the F Series, Summa offers a cutting product line based on 30 years of expertise building the world’s very best cutting plotters. These advanced engineered flatbed cutting tables are capable of cutting sheet and rigid materials as well as roll stock.

The multi-functional head can hold up to three tools at once. Changing tools can be done quick and easy. Automatic tool recognition,combined with digital and mechanical depth and/or pressure control, ensures precision cutting on a wide variety of materials.

The F Series base unit comes standard equipped with the Drag Knife Module and Summa’s revolutionary optical camera marker recognition system for unbeatable contour cutting accuracy. Multiple material-handling options assure optimal efficiency, whether cutting printed, flexible or rigid substrates.

An ever-increasing arsenal of optional add-ons further expand the capabilities of the F Series, allowing for a customtailored
machine to fit your specific workflow perfectly.

The F-Series comes in 3 sizes:

Summa F Series F1612 Flatbed Cutter - 1600mm x 1200mm
Summa F Series F1330 Flatbed Cutter - 1300mm x 3050mm
Summa F Series F2630 Flatbed Cutter - 2650mm x 3050mm


Summa F-Series Specification

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