Premium Infographics 750

Premium Infographics 750
Premium Infographics 750

NEW - Communicate data with clarity and style - Premium Infographics 750.

The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text – and nothing conveys a message like a cool infographic.

Now, for the first, time there is dedicated resource for high-end infographics. Premium Infographics comprises a curated library of over 750 superior illustrations – all hand picked from a select group of the world’s most respected digital graphic artists.

Published in two volumes (on physical DVD or eDVD) the collection is crammed with info graphics which will grasp your reader’s attention. Use them as a starting point to narrate information. At only £129 for the entire collection this is an exceptional investment which will pay for itself with a single inspiration.

Each illustration is supplied as a fully editable eps vector file (each file being itself packed with masses of graphic elements). You can use the designs as-is or reconfigure them to tell your story.

Each file packed with editable design elements (bullet point under illustration)

The collection covers every conceivable theme in a myriad of different styles and. So whatever your data demands you’ll find modern graphics to visualise it clearly and with a touch of panache.